Power of 3 ki Kahani


Aditya Birla Capital

Project duration

2 weeks

Project requirement

Rap production and recording

Agency partner

Culture Opus

OK lets get the ridiculous out of the way – we made a rap song about mutual funds.

Hustle is a consistent theme in hip hop. Rappers talk about money A LOT! So much so that Gibraltar based Lottery operator Lottoland, came up with a detailed report on how often each rapper talks about money – https://www.lottoland.co.uk/magazine/cash-obsessed-rappers

For instance, the probability that a randomly chosen word from a Cardi B song is going to be the word “Money” is a whopping 0.8% – the numbers are similarly high for other rappers as well as for other words related to wealth such as “cash”, “diamonds” and “bills”.

The reason has a lot to do with the culture and circumstances that both rappers and rap audiences find themselves in: Poverty in a high cost of living society with low social and medical security. It then stands to reason that money (or the access to it) is a cultural fulcrum for that society. 

However, with all of the above being true, multicap mutual funds aren’t exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of rap. That is of course unless you peel the financial layers. The US happens to be an economy with low savings incentives. 

The US bank rate (rate at which money earns returns sitting in a savings account) as of Jan 2022 is 0.25% . The same number for India stands close to 4.5% with both countries having a similar rate of inflation rate between 6.5% to 7% as of Dec 2021. The story is similar for fixed term deposits – FDs, as they are known in India, grow at an average of 5.2% in Jan 2021 (a 16 year low) for a one year deposit, compared to 1.25% growth for the same financial instrument in the US. 

This basically means one thing – an increase in income for the average citizen is more likely to lead to higher spends in the US while in India, some part of these would go into savings. 

In other words, saving money is our hustle! 

The piece

Objectively, what the song hoped to achieve was to get customers to consider diversification of their investment portfolio. The lyrics (written by our partners at culture opus) spoke about the power of 3, i.e. small, mid and large cap investments. 

The music
We wanted to create audio that would sound that would be relevant to the customer base of this communication, i.e. people who are now in their 30s and have just started to have enough savings to start thinking about investment strategy. 

It’s important to note that for this audience, rap and hip hop possibly means the sounds of artists like Eminem and Snoop Dog, a lot more than it does modern artists such as Drake. However, we also didn’t want the music to sound outdated. So what we were essentially trying to solve for is – what would the 90s rappers sound like today? 

The artist
We had the great fortune of working with Gubbi for this track – an increasingly popular rapper in the Bengaluru hip hop scene. If you haven’t heard is music, check it out here – he’s awesome! 
Gubbi got the feel right almost immediately. What was stunning about the process was how someone who primarily uses English and his mother tongue kannada in his songs was able to be convincing and effective in Hinglish. 

Check out the piece above!