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We are specialists in designing sound customised for your business and for your requirements. Our process begins by hearing your needs and understanding your work – we then thoroughly analyse what works for you and get the best musicians, producers and engineers to create sound that enhances the quality of your production.

Metrics for you and your boss!

Studies have shown that audio impacts customer experience, time spent on content/in-store, purchase affinity, top-of-mind recall and other key marketing metrics. Here are some studies in case you or your team need more convincing –

1. The right music can create specific purchase behaviour.

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2. The ideal music in a store is music customers do not remember but subconsciously register

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3. Fast and familiar music makes customers move faster and pick up only what they came for and exit store quickly.

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4. Certain kinds of music (eg: Jazz and House in an American context) increases average value of purchase.

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