SoundBoard is a platform where we discuss, dissect and deep dive into the field of Sonic Branding and present some case studies from the work we’ve done. 

Also featuring – conversations with marketing experts and musicians. Plus, a look at the science behind popular sounds in the fields of Branding and Entertainment.

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Ka-ching! The story of how we came up with the sound for an NFT linked to goddess Lakshmi

The guys at Totality Corp came to us with a unique ask. This Gurgaon based company wanted to create playable NFTs carrying the imagery and Symbolism of Lakshmi – The Indian goddess of wealth as a part of their mega project – The Zionverse, an Indian mythology inspired Multiverse. Continue reading

Your brand can be as iconic as 

by just adding the right sound!


Sound Analysis: The Little Musical trick that connects Dunkirk, Super Mario and Pink Floyd

Despite being abstract and supremely subjective, music is a powerful storytelling tool because of its innate ability to build and release tension. This is used in the field of film scoring, where composers are tasked with creating sounds that aid the visuals in the storytelling process. One such tool is The Shepherd Tone, an infinitely rising double loop of notes that builds tension. Watch this video to see how the inimitable Hans Zimmer uses this principle to score Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk.

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We helped a video game company level up with sound

An interactive video game company that allows users to create, play and monetise their games created an iconic sonic logo with us. Read more


Sound Analysis: Lego's Latest Toy - The Human Ear

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Root Notes come home to roost: Why premium architectural design videos invariably have the best Soundscapes

Good architecture comes at a premium. The best advert for an architecture firm (or any design company) is their previous work. A showcase of such work must both look and sound classy, thought through, deliberate and artistic, and yet somehow must sound good – precisely the brief that Collage Architecture Studio presented us with for a video of their latest project – a pristine residential condo in the outskirts of Bengaluru. Continue reading

Difference between good and great video content?

The perfect sound.


Sound Analysis: Why you should consider Sonic Branding if your brand has remotely anything to do with tech

While sound has been used as a marketing tool since the invention of the radio, it’s  technology that has been responsible for cementing audio branding’s legitimacy and perhaps even necessity. Here’s some possible quick explanation for why things turned out this way:
1. Repeated listening – you hear the same few notes almost every day.
2. Tech tends to have multimedia integration – screen and speakers attached, of course you’re going to play your logo all the time! Who wastes advertising real estate?
3. Long term consistent usage – like most good branding, sonic branding too benefits too from consistency. Tech products tend to keep their sounds consistent, unless a new version launches or a rebranding exercise takes place.
4. They need to communicate – a large role of sound is to provide navigation cues to customers – browsing more has a different sound compared to hitting the end of a line or error sounds.
5. Flexible strategies – sound is a great way not only to establish longevity but also to suggest very subtly that changes have been made or that “this version is the best yet”
Watch this video for a nostalgic breakdown of the most iconic sounds from the world of tech – PlayStation, Apple and even good old Windows (how many could you recognise?)
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OK lets get the ridiculous out of the way - we made a rap song about mutual funds

Hustle is a consistent theme in hip hop. Rappers talk about money A LOT! So much so that Gibraltar based Lottery operator Lottoland, came up with a detailed report on how often each rapper talks about money. Continue reading


This is how we approach sound design

Contrary to popular belief, sound is an exact science. Based on the academic research in the Journal of Brand Management, a source of expert commentary on brand and reputation management, the following considerations predict the way in which customers are likely to perceive your brand – 

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City of shoes, are you skating just for me? Vans S8-Hi Reissue

In 2019, Premium sneaker outlet Superkicks did an exclusive launch of the classic Vans sk8 hi reissue. Continue reading