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"The latest two-sided release from Bengaluru rock duo Treble Puns is the emotive, journeying song “Sisyphus."" - Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India ​
"When it comes to post-rock, it clearly takes a studio release to establish a footprint. Guitarist Abhimanyu Roy and drummer Sohini Bhattacharya take us on a formidable trip in the course of 28 minutes and four tracks."
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Indian Music Diaries
"Exquisite rhythms, mellifluous tones and a beautiful interweaving of styles and genre. These are some of the things that come to mind while listening to “Sounds like Treble”, the debut album of Bangalore-based Electronica duo Treble Puns."
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Indian Express​
Bengaluru-based two-piece instrumental outfit Treble Puns debut EP – Sounds Like Treble – revolves around instances many Indians might relate to."
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Turn Treble
A series where we take a look at some of the greatest albums of our times on Vinyl, using a sample of the song to reimagine it in our style. Want to sponsor our content and have your brand featured? Fill out the contact form below.
Sounds Like Treble - The series​
A series where we take everyday sounds and make music out of it.

Improv Jams​

The origins of our unique sound.
Partnering with fellow musicians, to create single releases spread across variety of genres. Collaborate with us, contact us below.